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Nichole Marie Lohre & William Robert Basinger — Minted

Nichole Marie Lohre


William Robert Basinger

Nichole Marie Lohre and William Robert Basinger

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

126 days until the big day!

Our Story

Bob and Nichole met almost 10 years ago when she began her career at the same dispatching agency where he worked. They eventually became friends there and began to learn each other’s stories during the long graveyard shifts (he would talk about his plans for retirement and they would throw paper balls across the room at each other). Neither of them was interested in ever dating a co-worker, so the thought of dating each other never crossed their minds. During 2020, they got placed on the same team schedule, which meant working the exact same shifts and having the same nights off. They began hanging out outside of work with other friends for game nights and then eventually started to watch Star Wars episodes at her apartment with just the two of them, still just as friends.
However, God had other plans in mind…Nichole began the hiring process at another dispatch agency and they realized that they were no longer going to be co-workers. Their viewpoints of each other began to evolve and Bob expressed his interest in “Maybe asking her out on a date once she started the new job”...She responded with, “Let’s talk about that later”, haha. One thing led to the next and they have been dating for over 2 years. Then, during their amazing vacation in Kaua’i, he decided to surprise her with a beautiful ring and the rest is history!! They can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together and to celebrate their wedding with friends and family soon!